Reprogramming the mind to walk again after a stroke at age 28 with Delphine Supanya a lawyer turned holistic advocate

Episode 8


In this Episode Melodie interviews Delphine Supanya.

Delphine is a French-Thai lawyer-turned holistic advocate who grew up in Singapore and Europe. In 2000 her life took a turn and over the next 15 years she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, infertility, cluster-headaches, leaky-gut syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression. She underwent a myriad of tests to see if she did not also have Lyme, Crohn’s Disease, endometriosis and cancer. Hospitals became an integral part of her life.

During those years she lived in constant pain and fear of more pain. She took every pain medication available and would tell everyone I have arthritis because it made it easier for them to understand and empathize. Despite all that, she managed to get an education and, within 7 years, she had collected 3 bachelors and 2 master’s degrees in 3 jurisdictions and became a well-paid lawyer.

To survive her fear and pain, Supanya focused her energy on ignoring/burying the sensation of pain and extreme discomfort and feeding her logical-driven hungry mind ever more knowledge to try to understand how governments, companies and human relations are structured. This self-conditioned pattern was of course unsustainable and led to a stroke at age 28. It was April 2016 and the right side of her body was paralysed.