The Spiritual Experience


If a spiritual experience could be described, and it cannot, it could be something like:

The experience of falling out of the balloon one day and realising we are not the balloon, nor its reflection, nor the duality, nor the completeness of that duality, we are the inner-self, the being of light. It would be the experience of Being One with the Source of that light; it would be being One with everyone’s light while still being our own light; it would be Being a fragment of light at One with the Source of all light. It would be a clarity that encompasses all understanding in an ocean of pure infinite love. It would be a place where the only true reality is clarity and love. It would be a place beyond the duality and linearity of the physical mind. It would be a place where words do not exist because they are not needed by the spiritual mind. It would be a place of understanding that the spiritual mind speaks to us through our state of being, a state of being clarity and love. It would be the experience of a world beyond duality. It would be experiencing our inner world, the being of love and light, as the real world and the outer world as an opportunity to be a reflection of our true spiritual nature. It would be an experiential knowing that the greater reality is the being of light and has always been who we truly are.

A growing number of people have experienced it, mainly through:

Near death experience (NDE)
Spiritual practise
Life experience
Ego death experience (EDE)

Spiritual awakening, could be described as the experience of Oneness or the experience of universal consciousness, as some have called it. It is the dying to the old linear outer-outer perception of the world and the awakening to a new spiritual experience of the world. It is the conscious choice and decision to see the duality of the physical mind for what it is; a tool we can use without being used by and identified to it. It is the ability to see and understand the nature of physical duality and the nature of spiritual unity. It is the ability to embrace both perceptions while recognizing One’s true nature as a spiritual One. It is the realisation that we are in a world of duality but have come and are going back to a world of Unity. It is the power to choose in every moment to experience our inner self, the being of clarity and light, as real; and duality and the outer world as a fleeting but valuable gift for the coming together of the spiritual and physical. A school for experiencing the spiritual mind in a physical mind; a school for experiencing our spiritual nature in a physical nature, while very much aware of which one we choose to be and are in every moment.