• Why We Should All Get To Know Our Personality Type

    Bestselling author Melodie Dubois has spent nearly 20 years studying the Enneagram – a type of personality test- and it helped her to overcome the emotional obstacles holding her back in her life. Here she explains why you should get to know your personality type too.

    You can overcome your fear of making a mistake and doing the wrong thing

    You can stop being so harsh on yourself and give your inner critic a break. It is ok for you and others to make mistakes, that’s what makes us human and gives us compassion for ourselves and others. You can remember that love is more important than fear. Everyone will benefit from a more relaxed you, including yourself.

    You can set yourself free from your need of external approval, you can discover how important it is to appreciate yourself for who you are and be yourself without apology

    Because others see you through their own filter and because you can be overly sensitive to criticism, knowing your personality helps you understand that what others think of you isn’t the truth, it is merely their truth. You can learn to stand firm in self-knowledge.

    You can discover your core values and worth

    Instead of stressing yourself out and pushing yourself to the limits of exhaustion, you will understand that there is value in listening to your state of being. You are not just a human doing, you are also a human being. You have the right to be loved for who you are not just for what you do.

    You can find your true identity and significance

    Instead of feeling misunderstood and rejected which leads you to give up on your dreams, you can be steadfast and determined. When you work in the direction of your dreams new opportunities open up and can allow you to express your unique talent and creativity.

    You can discover how your thirst for knowledge is actually an asset when applied to the real world

    Instead of perceiving the world as a dangerous place and behaving like an outcast you can learn to use your intelligence and unique perspective to bring something valuable to the world

    You can find relief from your pessimistic outlook by choosing love rather than fear

    Instead of focusing mainly on the worst case scenario and being overly concerned for your security, you can turn fear into gratitude for the strength and blessings you already have. You can notice how much love and good fortune you have already received.

    You can balance your insatiable zest for life with your ability to be truly present to every moment of your life and discover a new dimension of happy

    Sometimes the greatest satisfaction is found in savouring the moment you are in rather than running to a future that doesn’t yet exist and may never come. Happiness is always where you are now.

    You can learn that true power is not to control others but to help them

    The bossy person uses other people’s weakness to advance his selfish agenda, the powerful leaders use their strength to advance the common good

    You can find the courage to speak your own truth and be your own authority

    Creating peace for those around you doesn’t mean avoiding to show up and getting involved. Developing your personal identity is important, you have a right to be you.

    You can discover why you get hurt or upset by other people’s behaviour and understand what really triggers you to react rather than respond.

    Just be Yourself by Melodie Dubois is available on Amazon and Barnes and Nobles